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Saturday, 5 March 2011

What are the 5 Best Android Social Networking Apps?



The definition of Social Networking according to the Oxford Online Dictionary is:

“a network of social interactions and personal relationships.”

The integration of social network sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn have allowed mobile phones to become more than just that. They allow the user access to their entire online social network of relationships and allow interaction therein through a structured network system.

Android’s open source functionality has meant that there has been a lot of enterprise/non-enterprise level development in the social network app field. So lets look at the five best apps available.

 (1)  Facebook for Android (Official App)


The Facebook App of course does the usual stuff like allows you to update your status, look at friends newsfeeds and chat. There is a general consensus though that this app has its faults (just look at the Android Market app review page – the main critiques surround failure to update in real time and it has been reported a loss of friends status updates – but these faults aside the app, being the official app, is a secure way to connect to facebook via your Android device. Another great element of this app is that it syncs your calendar, contacts and alarms with important events from facebook – so never miss another birthday or anniversary again. If you would like to download or find out more please visit https://market.android.com/details?id=com.facebook.katana&feature=search_result

(2)  Twitter for Android (Official App)


The Twittersphere has become a popular destination for millions of people from celebrities to politicians. Microblogging site Twitter has attracted a somewhat ‘marmite’ following – you either love it or hate it – but this aside, the official android Android app is superb. It allows you to tweet on the go and look at others tweets too. Its easy to navigate via top/bottom menu bar and it is good at real-time updates, although one review dislikes this app stating that

“This app is complete bullshit! I don't get all of Charlie Sheen's tweets!”

Charlie Sheen’s tweets aside this app has a very cool edge over the millions of other third-party Twitter apps because Twitter worked in collaboration with Google in developing this app and it is tried and tested on Android 2.2 and above. It also syncs the people you follow into your own phone’s contacts and details. The only problem I have is that it doesnt autocomplete @username or #topic like on the PC or on Android app Tweetcaster. Twitter has, due to privacy concerns, cracked down on thrid-party Twitter app developers. Many users have had problems with apps such as Twitoid you can be safe in the knowledge that this wont happen with the official app. To download this app visit https://market.android.com/detailsid=com.twitter.android&feature=search_result

(3)   TweetDeck App


TweetDeck is probably one of the best social network management apps available on Android. It links your Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter of Google Buzz accounts and allows you to simultaneously update via multiple social network. It’s great all round app which intergrates well with the Android platform. It does not allow multiple accounts to the same social network, also tags can be problematic too. To find out more and to download this app visit http://www.tweetdeck.com/

(4)   TweetCaster Pro for Android


TweetCaster Pro includes the same functionality as the official Tweitter app such as Twitter account integration but it has other features which make it probably the best (albeit at a premium as it costs £ 3.06) Twitter app available. Does it bug you when people you follow talk nonsense, then with TweetCaster you can tell them to ‘Zip-It’ this function which silences but does not stop following them. You can have multiple accounts setup and also it gives you a trending list along with a location list; So you can find out what people around you are thinking. This app is probably only useful for the more diehard Tweeters out there. But if your interested then please visit https://market.android.com/detailsid=com.handmark.tweetcaster.premium&feature=search_result


(5)    Seesmic for Android (Twitter, Facebook)


Seesmic is a brilliant little yet incredibly powerful social network management app. You can update and get real-time status updates along with device syncing which means a brilliant all-round performance is possible. Yet what’s really clever about Seesmic is that it links with Youtube or Twitpic which means not that this app becomes not just a social network app but a multi-media social networking app. This gives it an edge over most other apps available. Its look and feel and navigation is much simpler than any other app available. For more information or to download this app please visit



There are many more apps available either online or through the Android Marketplace. Social Networking apps are about your preferences if you prefer to post status updates over reading news feeds then some are more suited for your needs than others that cover the full spectrum of social networking. The only other advice I can offer is to make sure you have an excellent security package on your phone and that you look at the permissions the app requires and make sure you feel comfortable and safe using the app. So have fun tweeting, buzzing or facebooking.

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